Maxime A.

Director of Operations and Performance

The Mirillion Group is a Human Capital Consulting and Recruitment company based in Canada. Their recruitment specialists provide expertise across several industries, including: Innovative Technology, Accounting & Finance, Legal, and Engineering & Construction.

At Mirillion, Investing in Partnership has been at the heart of their core values since day one. The team believes that healthy partnerships are rooted in strong communication, transparency, and mutual satisfaction. This, along with the dedication to continuous improvement, benefits those who work with, and work for Mirillion. However, they also know that you cannot improve what you don’t measure. Measuring experience is easy when you’re a startup and have only one type of user. But for a diverse and growing business like Mirillion, it’s complex. The Mirillion Group faced three distinct challenges in order to make the VoC (Voice of the Customer) a competitive advantage in their market.

The first challenge The Mirillion Group faced was to automatically measure the satisfaction of both candidates and clients at key moments in their journeys – Whether it was after an interview, candidate placement, or a check-in 6-months later to make sure Mirillion’s case project was fulfilled. The second challenge was for the feedback to be actionable at the consultant level, giving team leaders a holistic view of their division’s customer and candidate experience. An important aspect was the need to give context to feedback using their existing CRM solution (Bullhorn). It contained core information of every client and candidate and would provide further insights into the feedback collected. Last but not least, to drive engagement and collect meaningful feedback from busy B2B executives, the team needed to replace tedious/time-consuming surveys with interactive & engaging surveys that held the user’s attention.

By partnering with Feedier, Mirillion was able to fully automate the feedback processes by getting a personalized two-way integration between Feedier and Bullhorn (the CRM used to manage clients and candidates at Mirillion). Feedback emails are automatically scheduled after CRM events are triggered, and the CRM is also updated whenever feedback is received. Feedier’s team mapped the client and candidate journeys, defining advanced conditions to make feedback insights more relevant to Mirillion’s executive team. Taking it a step further by using the power of the integration, they were able to extract contextual data from the CRM and automatically link it to any new feedback collected: branch, consultant, name, ID, specialism, etc. Unifying CRM data with client and candidate feedback, Mirillion was able to report their findings using the PDF report as a clear summary of the insights collected.

Getting a real-time overview of the experience, they were able to empower their consultants to measure deliverables against their own KPIs. They have since expanded this process to receive real-time alerts to specific channels in their workplace software in order to keep up-to-date with candidate and client experiences in the most efficient and effective manner. Initial results have shown that developing an interactive survey that focused on quantitative measurements of their clients’ and candidates’ experiences has resulted in a rich data resource for further, deeper analysis. Working in partnership with Canadian charity Pathways to Education, for every Feedier form completed, Mirillion has pledged to donate $35 to support students living in low-income communities across Canada.

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