Eddy Billard

Head of UI/UX Design

Decathlon Activités is a digital platform for consumers to find and book sports activities with skilled professionals, locally. Part of the Decathlon group.

For Decathlon Activités, their users’ experience is the number one priority. In response to a brand-new version of their application, the product team wanted to exceed user’s expectations and always be two steps ahead. They wanted to continuously monitor their user’s feedback at key moments of their journeys, so they could increase user return rates, book more activities and fulfill Decathlon’s mission: Helping, inspiring and guiding you through your sports experiences. Decathlon Activités is dealing with two different types of users, the consumers that book an event and the event organizers.

Both have access to completely different interfaces. To succeed, the team needed to record satisfaction KPIs (like the NPS) continuously to make sure every application update pushed the scores up. Due to the number of activities available (skateboard, trail, yoga, rugby, roller, running, hiking, biking, crosstraining etc) and the local aspect of the platform going from digital to the real-world for the event, Decathlon Activités also needed to organize every feedback based on the user’s preferences in order to precisely identify issues and solve them before a user churned in silence.

With Feedier’s feedback widget and analytics suite, Decathlon Activités has been able to design highly interactive feedback surveys and monitor their key KPIs in one place. They were able to get a better understanding of their users’ experiences in the moments that mattered the most. They achieved this through monitoring a live representation of their user journey and distributing easy-to-share reports to the wider team for immediate action.

Where boring surveys and non-actionable 5-star website widgets failed, Feedier provided an interactive feedback module that relies on gamification techniques and smart conditioning to minimize the user response time while maximizing the level of insights. As Decathlon strives to go the extra mile for its users, they opted to build a flow that didn’t pollute the user experience. Using the Feedier JavaScript API, they only displayed the feedback widget, at the moment that mattered most. They were able to successfully align the users’ needs with the product team’s business objectives using Feedier as their all-in-one experience management solution.

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