Caroline Micheletti

Content & Marketing Officer

Le Hub Bpifrance is a capability-driven accelerator exclusively dedicated to supporting companies backed by Bpifrance Investment. Fully reshaped in 2019, its core mission is to build and back the growth of Bpifrance portfolio by providing valuable and operational support. Thanks to both hands-on approach (seed and Series A) and on-demand expertise (Late Series B & Large Venture), its aims at bringing impactful and sustainable improvements to ventures and help them reach their next relevant operational milestones: whether it’s organic growth, a next funding round (regardless of the size) and/or acquisition (regardless of the value). This potent mix combined with a unique set of resources underpins our highly operational approach to investing and supporting startups.

Since 2015, Bpifrance Le Hub has been working with more than 200 french startups. With a dedicated team that organizes 80 events every year and provides startups with a portfolio of 60+ experts. Providing tailored programs that take french startups to the next level. But, with high volumes comes high complexity. Providing startups with high-quality content and events is an ‘easy’ task with 1 service, but it can be a far more challenging prospect when managing dozens of tailored services at the same time.

As the heart of the French tech ecosystem, BPI Le Hub’s team knows that feedback is vital for any product or service to get better over time and stay at the top. However, sending manual surveys to the many programs and startups didn’t cut it. These surveys would take hours to send individually for every participant and every response would have to be analyzed and manually categorized per program, company, event… Whilst BPI Le Hub’s primary focus is on providing the best program experience possible with personalized coaching and top-notch content, an issue that was uncovered was that every startup has specific needs and requires varying levels of attention.

Without a clear way to identify common KPIs and detect issues in the programs, it was impossible to get better results at scale. Lastly, optimizing the response rates of survey participants was a challenge. The primary respondents were leading individuals at their companies and even though they greatly appreciated BPI Le Hub’s acceleration capability, survey taking in the traditional sense was impacting their already tight schedules.

BPI Le Hub chose a flexible, open solution that would meet the needs of participants and would also empower the BPI Le Hub team with regular insights on all the different programs and events that they host. With Feedier’s intuitive platform, the team has been able to manage all existing feedback surveys in one place and quickly roll out new ones when needed. Centralizing all feedback data into one common space. By leveraging integrations using Zapier, BPI Le Hub was able to automatically trigger personalized feedback surveys at the end of the programs and synchronize the data back to Google Sheets. Not only does the Feedier integration save countless hours, it also lets the BPI Le Hub team automatically match feedback data with operational data (e.g. program, event name, participant name) allowing them to keep a track of their KPIs and any new feedback trends that may develop.

In addition, this allowed Bpifrance Le Hub to integrate Pipedrive with Feedier in order to receive the details of the feedback which are automatically added to the right contact sheet in real-time. Using the Feedier feedback forms has resulted in the creation of a unique experience for the participants that are playful and quick to complete, matching with their busy schedules.

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