Text Analysis: what it is and how it works (with example)

When it comes to user feedback, there is a lot to be said about quantitative data (e.g., Net Promoter Score (NPS) and Customer Satisfaction (CSAT)) but little is known about the qualitative side (e.g., open-ended questions) or “unstructured data”.

While measures such as NPS can easily be measured and displayed in graphs and charts; qualitative data is not as simple if you don’t have the right means to analyze it.

Text analysis for the uninitiated

Text analysis is the process of deriving meaning from text and written communications (or unstructured data) to measure such things as customer opinions, user and customer feedback, product reviews and more. In other words, it is a method for transforming large amounts of unstructured data into something that can be understood and analyzed.

In the context of user and customer feedback, text analysis is typically used to analyze and break down content into open text fields in a feedback form. It also involves categorization, clustering, pattern recognition, tagging, and visualization.

Text Analysis benefits for companies:

Helps to identify the root cause

With open-ended questions, customers have the opportunity to identify what is or is not creating their satisfaction and why. For example, if several visitors leave items in their shopping cart without buying them, your text analysis will probably reveal this trend with recurring words such as “shopping cart”, “purchase” or “checkout” and the feelings behind these words, etc.

Allows emerging trends to surface

Of course, you can see if your NPS is increasing or decreasing, but you cannot explain why this is happening unless you have an explanation from the customers themselves. Text analysis helps users visualize the categories of trend feedback and resolve them in a timely manner

Customers’ ideas and suggestions become reality, improving the digital experience.

Opinions and thoughts that you would never have heard otherwise are brought to the surface, allowing you to deliver an optimal customer experience and keep your customers satisfied.

Text Analysis in Feedier

The Text Analysis feature in Feedier shows you which keywords are the most frequently mentioned for each question and gives you the overall satisfaction ratio attached to these keywords. This is displayed in 2 different views, the default one is the word cloud or you also have the list view.

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