How Does Surya Hotels Collect Guest Feedback?
SuryaHotels uses Feedier

We are going to learn how Surya Hotels are using Feedier to get bigger into the Hotel industry, improve their customer services and guest experience using hotel guest satisfaction surveys.

Surya Hotels is part of Flying Trade Group and has a portfolio of 12 hotels across East Anglia and Surrey (UK). They specialize in niche hotels (many historic and wedding hotels) and are rapidly expanding with new bars and hotels every year. In the past 12 months, over 240000 guests have stayed at their hotels.

The Challenge

How do we pull insights from a substantial amount of generic reviews?

While we do push TripAdvisor and get a decent amount of reviews there, it can be difficult to get useful feedback as normally the feedback is very generic and found it difficult to pinpoint issues. It was also very time consuming reading all the reviews to see what we were doing right or wrong. So we are simply unable to really get insights into our guest experience. We do monthly reports to the board, so reporting from Feedier will be making life much easier. Now we can easily monitor all hotels, and if a score drops a certain area (like food & beverage for example) we can easily spot trends and take further investigation.

Your First Contact To Feedier

We have been looking into several survey software for some time and done a couple of demos with some large hotel industry systems. None of these ended up being cost-effective for us due to the amount of properties we manage. So when we found Feedier at this price point we had to jump in and give it a go.

We liked how easy Feedier was to setup using survey templates and how every survey is kept individual letting us brand and customise the questions. Plus, we could duplicate a survey so setting up for each hotel was super fast!

How are you using Feedier in your processes?

Reviews in the hotel industry are a big thing, but it can be difficult to get an overview on a specific facility or service without reading through hundreds of reviews each month. Feedier gives us a report that goes out to management letting them know the areas which need further investigation and improvement for each hotel, so we get a glimpse of our customer satisfaction overtime. Hotel general managers can also login and view this data, and respond to any guests concerns (providing they left an email). In marketing, Feedier also lets us export for email marketing and can redirect to our social networks, not forgetting that we can reward guests with discounts on their next stay! We add Feedier links to our post departure emails, guest information books and social networks.

Your Success By Using Feedier

Overall satisfaction ratio 83.85%, average response time 1.45m. We found so far that the customer service rating at The Mill Hotel in Sudbury has scored the highest in our group with a score of 93%, and also has an 88% satisfaction rating with the room facilities.

Also, our net promoter score is almost double the industry standard. Scores like this are not possible to view on many other review platforms.

It’s early days for Surya Hotels and their Feedier journey, but so far they have seen some great feedback trickling in, and have already started implementing changes based on guests’  feedback.

TL;DR. Feedier helps them efficiently improve their services in different areas that matter to their guests, and provide improvements they want.

If you also want to collect feedback and improve your guest satisfaction, start for free now and bring your guest satisfaction surveys to the next level.

Baptiste Debever

Co-Founder and Head of Growth at Feedier. French Entrepreneur, customer feedback specialist, passionate about startups and innovations.

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