How MoiChef Uses Feedier To Create Surveys That Work?

Getting a good response rate to your post-order feedback request is impossible?

Who said that?

Case in point, MoiChef managed to collect amazing feedback from its customers after they received their package. I have been talking to them, and I’ll share some of the findings today.

Feedier Attended SaaStock 2018, Here Is What We Took Away

This year, the Feedier team had the amazing opportunity to attend SaaStock 2018 in Dublin, hosted in the RDS center. 

Is it worth it though for bootstrapped companies to attend such event? What are the main upsides and downside of doing it? 

I have broken all that down for you in this article.

6 SaaS Survey Questions To Gauge Your Customer Satisfaction

A question always nags at people, and so does a survey question. You don’t want to be asked random customer satisfaction survey questions, do you?

I hear it all the time. Particularly in the SaaS (Software as a Service) space when it comes to improving onboarding and conversions, how do we measure customer satisfaction?

What are some examples of a good SaaS customer satisfaction survey questions?

What are the best feedback question?

We got you covered.

We will mainly give you SaaS survey questions, but these can easily be translated to additional fields.

Five Great Ways To Collect Feedback And Measure Satisfaction For E-commerce

What is better to understand your customers than e-commerce feedback?

What is the single most important thing for your e-commerce business right now?

What is that thing that needs to be your guideline for long-term success? It’s not the conversion rate, cart abandonment rate, ad spend or any of those metrics.

It’s your customer.

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How to use A/B Testing for Better Conversion and Engagement?

With the power of data in our hands, most companies are leaning towards a data-driven approach. This means that A/B testing should be the main activity that drives decision-making. What is the most popular way to test in digital marketing, and how can you use it to drive better results in your campaigns?

How EuroVPS Uses Feedier to Refresh Its Customer Feedback Surveys

This article has been written by Tarek Mehio, head of Business Development at EuroVPS, and community manager at GrowthMentor. He recalls his experience with Feedier, explains how it fits into their current workflow and help them create better customer feedback surveys.

Without further ado, let’s dive into our article. Enjoy đŸ˜„

How Society Socks Increases Its Customer Satisfaction Survey Response Rate

Society Socks is a men’s monthly sock subscription with a social cause. With every pair of socks sold, another pair is donated to charity. Society Socks designs new and unique socks every month to provide its subscribers with new and exclusive socks on a monthly basis.