Top 3 industries that need to improve their CX

Whether your customer is the end consumer/user or not, every industry needs to try to improve its CX. It is true that delivering a memorable CX can be easier for some industries than others, especially the digitalized ones.

However, all the industries have to be aware of the CX benefits and try to prioritize improving the experience for all their customers.

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The Logistics and Supply Chain Industry

Only 3% of logistics and Supply Chain executives say current systems “fully support efforts to improve the customer experience” while more than 66% report existing systems do nothing to improve customer experience


The nature and culture of the Supply Chain, where practical solutions and instant outcomes are vital, make it hard in this industry to improve the CX.

One of the recurring issues of Supply Chain executives is actually having access to technologies that are not simply powerful, but that are also useful to deliver a memorable CX by addressing the customers’ needs and expectations.

According to a study conducted by Convey and eft, only 3% of retailers said they have a current program that fully supports improving the customer experience.

The overwhelming majority of supply chain executives said that their current programs do nothing to improve the delivery experience.

The Transportation Industry

80% of transport and logistics leaders say their companies are focused on improving customer experience and yet, 85% say their businesses cannot define a differentiated customer experience.


Creating a great CX relies on real-time data insights. As the transport industry becomes ever more digitalized, companies need to collect, store, access, and analyze data, while keeping it secure and adhering to privacy regulations.

These industry’s CX efforts can be restricted by limitations in the supply chain,
and by a poor alignment between front, middle, and back offices.

The lack of a company-wide CX strategy makes it even more difficult for these companies to create the adequate CX for their customers.

The Construction Industry

95% of all data captured in the construction and engineering industry goes unused.


According to McKinsey Global Institute, the construction industry is one of the least digitized industries.

Building a great CX essentailly needs an overall company digitalization. The effective collection of data and the insights anaylsis is what makes it possible for companies to set up the CX that their customers want and expect.

In fact, many in the construction industry tend to forget about the process and focus on the finished product, but the process is truly where the experience lies.

Creating a positive customer experience is just as important as delivering a successful product at the end. Especially because a positive customer experience can lead to retention and growth.

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