How team uses Feedier to improve its theme?

How team uses Feedier to improve its theme?

Woffice is a WordPress theme on the mission to empower community and organizations all over the world with an Intranet or Extranet website. 

Feedier’s widget on website

Understanding their customers was one of their biggest challenge, and they tried different things before that simply didn’t work out. started using Feedier to make their survey fun again!

The problem

Before using Feedier, they tried Survey Monkey and Google Form campaigns in order to get some insights into what their customers were expecting next, and what were they using the Intranet for…

Both of them winded up with non-relevant feedback and little data to work with.

They just went on the hunt for a new tool, helping them reward their customers easily (with a free Woffice license, increasing loyalty in the meantime ?), but also helping them entice their happy customers to leave a review.

That’s where Feedier came in!

How Feedier help to come through the struggles?

They have created a very short and simply carrier, and immediately shared on their homepage using the widget. They have also added a widget within their theme, so customers who activate the theme are asked for a feedback.

Feedback started pouring in, and they have almost collected 500 feedbacks in 3 months.

Among those feedback, they received tons of new features requests, but they also identified partnership opportunities, and the aspects they need to focus on.

491 feedbacks collected so far
491 feedbacks collected so far

They made 10 happy customers who received a free license.

But also, they managed to collect 10+ reviews on their Themeforest page, which was one of their biggest concerns.

What tip would they share with the community? 

Feedier helped us create a completely personnalize, lively and delighting experience for our customers, which ultimately contributed to the quality and quantity of feedback we received. We believe in this gamification of the feedback process.

If you also want to make it happens, sign up for free at

PS: Woffice is actually a product of Alkaweb, the parent company behind Feedier.

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