How to Run a Customer Experience Workshop for Your Team

The need for good customer service has never been higher. Globally, 54% of all consumers say that they have higher customer service expectations than they did one year ago. If you are a business owner, you must understand that your main goal should be to satisfy customer needs because that is what runs your business. 
When asking consumers what impacts their level of trust with a company, offering excellent customer service ranked number one. So, it becomes essential that you train your employees to deliver the best customer service experiences. How? 
Here are a few easy ways to run a customer experience workshop for your team, which will help you understand it in easy bits. 

What Is A Customer Experience Workshop?

A customer experience workshop is a session where you train your team to provide your customers with a better customer care experience. This session could include plenty of interaction and tried and tested ways to improve customer service

Why is a Customer Experience Workshop Necessary?

To keep your customers loyal and keep them coming back, you must train your team to deliver good customer services that meet customer needs and expectations.

72% of consumers say that when contacting customer service, they expect the agent to “know who they are, what they have purchased and had insights into their previous engagements.”

Since the customer expectations are huge, training customer service employees to meet those expectations must also go the extra mile.

How to Run a Customer Experience Workshop for Your Team?

You’ve already noticed how important it is to offer a great experience to your customers. In a survey, 80% of the respondents mentioned that they stopped going back to a company after a poor customer experience. You definitely don’t want this to happen to your company which is why you need to know how you can run an effective customer experience workshop.

So, let us not waste any time and get going by substantiating this process into three major categories. 

Prerequisites Before Starting A Workshop

Before you start working on anything, you must prepare a plan that follows a specific chronology. The same applies to creating a customer experience workshop. You could start by doing the following:

  • Set Objective

Before you start working, know what you want the result to be. Do you want fast customer support? Work on it. Do you want customer support in multiple languages? Work on it. Create a SMART objective. (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Timely)

  • Choose The Right Person

Yes, you can train people to offer good customer service. But a few are built to perform a particular task and do it the best way. Form manageable groups and assign a moderator who has a good idea about customer service. 

  • Goals And Expectations

Set goals that are common for everyone and work accordingly. Let your team members know what is expected from them and what should be the end goal. This will help them have a clear idea and know what to do. 

During the Customer Experience Mapping Workshop

Now that you have entered the process, you might want to check in multiple times. Why? To understand where the workshop is going and where you need to work. 

  • Check For Basics

Now that you have started the training program check whether the start is going well and all team members are participating equally. If you find that people are not experiencing it, think of creative ways to get them more involved such as Trivia. It will be fun and a quick test if your sessions are doing a good job. 

Also, review the team members. You might have assigned work to a member who you thought would do a particular job better, but it would be good to check who is doing a better job than the other. 

  • Review And Evolve

After you check for the basics and if it is functioning well, you check it from your customers as they are the ones you are working for. Take interviews with customers and see where there has been an improvement and where you need to work. 

Now that you know the strengths and weaknesses of your customer experience workshop strategy work on them. Add in ideas that are working or will work and discard those which are not giving good results. 

  • Think For The Future

After the two steps of mapping your customer experience workshop mapping, you must think of what would help in the future and could come up with creative ideas. You could list out what are the problems you could face. 

To understand how you need to work with the customers, you could use metaphors. The involvement of team members and customers is equally valued. You could also include voting to understand your team members’ views. 

After The Customer Experience Workshop

Do not let the flow break by the time you complete the customer experience workshop. Keep the energy going and evolve as required by time. 

  • Share Takeaways

After you complete the course, you would want to record what you found was remarkable and what worked the best in this course. Keep a record through pictures, videos, or any other format. 

  • Maintain The Flow

Now you can test the teachings in the customer experience workshop through the customers. Your team could form prototypes, try them, and make changes when you see them not working. 

  • Evolve And Adapt

Things might not always be the exact, and customer needs may differ with time. You must learn to evolve your customer experience plan and adapt to the things that times and customers ask for. 

Tools That Help in Running Effective Customer Experience Workshops

Why stick to the old ways now that you have got the support of technology. Here are a few tools to help you with a corporate customer experience workshop. 

1. Feedier – for gathering customer feedback

With Feedier, you can collect feedback from your customers. This feedback will be analyzed and tell you where you need to work for your services to get better. The plans will cost you as per the features you choose. Therefore, you do not pay anything extra for a service you do not want. 


*Pricing based on teams

2. Clickup – for team collaboration & task management

Clickup could help you keep track of your work. You could assign tasks, manage them, and see where your team members have reached them on this platform. Here the whole team can stay interactive and work together. 


Free: $0/ month

Unlimited: $5/month

Business: $12/month

Business Plus: $19/month

3. Slack – for team communication

You could make use of as a messenger application. This platform helps team members stay connected to ensure interaction and teamwork. Also, you could keep track of who is doing what and keep in contact with your team. 


Free: $0/ month

Pro: $2.75/month

Business: $4.83/month

4. Zonka Feedback – Customer Satisfaction Software & Survey Tool

Zonka Feedback is a piece of software that allows you to collect customer feedback in real-time using CSAT Surveys. It also tracks your customer satisfaction with powerful reports, identifies dissatisfied customers, takes action, and keeps them from churning.


Free: $0/month

Essential: $24/month

Starter: $44/month

5. Zoom – for video conferencing

Now that many people work from home or in remote places, face-to-face contact has been difficult. But you make the best out of this situation through video conference calls on 


Free: $0/ month

Pro: $16.74/month

Business: $23.17/month

Enterprise: $23.17/month

Are You Ready To Impress Your Customers?

In this article, we focus on how to run a customer experience workshop for your team. The process has been divided into three categories to help you understand and work with it. Put these into practice, and you will see results. 

Combining the tips provided above and the tools mentioned will be a super hit for your customer experience workshop. Also, do not forget to improve your plan according to time and customer requirements, as these are the two vital assets for your business.

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