This guest post guideline will help you better understand Who we are, How we think when writing, and the general style, voice, and aesthetic of a typical article on Feedier.

Write for the Specific Audience of Feedier

It bears repeating because of its significance: be aware of your readers and address your writing directly to them.

In our situation, we work with companies that want to increase the amount of feedback they get, businesses that want to learn more about their clients and employees, and businesses that want to enhance the quality of their products, services, processes and working environment.

In other words, we talk to companies with end-customer experience issues and complex operational journeys. We work with companies in the following sectors: Logistics, Supply Chain, Delivery Services, Construction, Training Services, Consulting Agencies, etc.

Feedier is neither positioned nor acknowledged only as a survey building platform; rather, it is positioned and recognised also as a business experience management platform. Instead of students, researchers, and other types of people, our primary focus is on reaching out to mid-sized business sector experts as our target audience.

We are aiming our message at the highest possible number of industry experts, pioneers, and even corporate intrapreneurs. People who are concerned about their firm and who have the intention of making improvements to it over the long term. People who are looking for a simple way to gather their input and people who are aware that feedback and consumers are at the heart of every successful business are the target audience for this product.

Be aligned with Feedier

The most valuable guest posts are those in which the author’s brand is aligned with the brand of Feedier. In other words, the material you provide need to assist us in broadening the scope of our message.

The article needs to have the same spirit as the rest of the site. The blog is written in a lighthearted and amusing tone at the same time professional, you probably shouldn’t join the blog with a post that is very serious or scholarly in nature.

Think that way:  How do you make the greatest possible first impression on that Feedier’s blog?

You should never try to be anything but yourself. However, being authentic does not excuse you from making a conscious effort to consider how your contributions fit with Feedier.

Apply similar formatting

When it comes to the structure, entries written by guests to the blog shouldn’t be any different from those written by Feedier employees. This will help Feedier seem more consistent. 

  • The main topic (+keywords) has to be related to Experience Management (BX, CX, EX, UX, Brand Experience, etc.)
  • Create distinct parts with this post.
  • Limit your post to less than 2,000 words. 
  • Include 5 internal links and 4 external links every 600 words
  • Include explicative photos of their specific related topic that can lead to the article (SEO)
  • Include the main keyword every 100 words
  • Include a meta description in your draft using the main keywords

These are simple actions to take, but they have the potential to have a significant impact on the long term.

Write engaging and actionable content

In other words, you should provide them with something they can really use. Include a takeaway that the reader may use to improve their situation and relate to Feedier as one of the solutions they can have to improve their business. ​

If the material in your article is helpful and applicable to your readers’ business life, they will remember you and return to our blog and search for your name and follow you. They will think of you every time they apply or hear the actionable ideas you taught them.

Inspiring others to seek you out and follow your example is much easier if you provide them with something that serves as a visual reminder of the potential advantages they may reap from your knowledge.


Using this guest post guideline as a template, you may craft a guest post that is in keeping with the tone and style established by the Feedier brand. That way, you may expand your knowledge of the business, Feedier, and our customers. Visit our blog for information about our postings and do not hesitate to email us if this guest post guideline is not clear.

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