Feedier version 1.0 has just landed


This article is an extract from our newsletter sent to our members for the 1.0 version release. We wanted to share with our visitors because it’s a huge milestone for us, and we have also hit 2K users.

Let’s dive right in…

Although July 2018 will likely not be a glorious month for most French companies (between the World Cup, the “Tour de France” and simply the Summer), it will definitely go in the Feedier’s books. ?

We are proud to announce Feedier version 1.0 and the 2K members milestone ?

Let’s run down the major changes and improvements: 

    • The carriers are now translatable in 15 languages and counting
    • Version 2 of our widget letting your customers answer without leaving the page
    • Huge UI and speed improvement within the app
    • Dynamic filters to fetch entries that match specific criteria in realtime
    • Custom links and custom domains for your Carriers
    • GDPR compliance
    • Better booarding and tutorials added
    • 10 5-star review engagements destinations added
    • NPS full support and reports
    • Zapier integration
    • A new “Client” user role to give read-access to specific Carrier(s) only
    • Unique coupons reward added
  • Custom fields support in order to enrich and get more demographics data

full changelog is available here.

What’s next for Feedier?

Here are a few major features planned:

    • New templates and guides
    • A version 2 of our reporting tools with Machine Learning analysis, Pdf exports
    • Pipelines and question variables
    • A new bot that will create your ideal Carrier
    • Transitional screens based on the to create quizz-like experience
    • More gamification and contests between your respondents
    • Public page for your feedback
    • A better preview and edit experience with realtime edit

We are very grateful for all the feedback our users gave us so far, let’s make feedback great again. ?


  • And of course, keep spreading the word, giving us your feedback and adding your ideas on our roadmap page

Baptiste Debever

Co-Founder and Head of Growth at Feedier. French Entrepreneur, customer feedback specialist, passionate about startups and innovations.

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