How does KohPlanner use Feedier to collect feedback in the tourism industry?
Koh Planner uses Feedier offers travelers advices about Thailand and recommends local business such as attractions, activity providers, events, accommodations, restaurants and other services. Besides doing that, KohPlanner creates custom promotions sites for their partners, acting as a middleman and digital partner.

Created in 2017 by Santiago Blasco, founder of the Venture Capital company IGT Ventures Asia and Bazaar10X, CEO of KohPlanner and former Emerging Market Director for Box, KohPlanner is becoming a reference in Thailand.

The Challenge

In the service field, but that’s particularly true in the tourism industry, you have to constantly look out for your customer satisfaction, in order to gauge how you’re doing and improve your services based on their needs. Tourists want a lot of things, but they are anything but willing to take time, sit down and give you valuable feedback. That was KohPlanner’s challenge: collect insightful data and improved based upon it.

KohPlanner’s first feelings with Feedier

In travel or hospitality, feedback and online reviews are incredibly important these days. When I saw Feedier’s mission I was blown away. Feedier is becoming an important part of KohPlanner’s strategy to improve the reputation and online authority of our partners and ourselves. The team behind Feedier is super responsive and proactive and has the drive to make Feedier a best in class platform.

How is KohPlanner using Feedier in their current setup?

Thanks to Feedier, KohPlanner is implementing a reputation module to their partners’ sites, to help them improve their services and collect positive reviews, using an automated process.

After a reservation is made at a partner’s, they automate the process of sending the feedback Carrier (Feedier’s way of saying “survey”) and collect feedback for their partner.

The rewards are where Feedier shines. Each partner will be able to choose which reward(s) they want to offer to their clients. 10% to 20% on the next visit, a freebie, whatever they want… This is really interesting and valuable, because companies dependant on tourists would expect to have 1 maybe 2 sales per customer before they move on; giving a customer an incentive to come back will have 3 positive effects: they get the feedback, they get a review on Tripadvisor, which means more sales from tourists reading reviews (9/10), and they also are also likely to sell again before the tourist leaves with the incentive.

Their success in using Feedier this way

We have introduced the reputation model for restaurants and it has been welcomed with expectations. For now we are focus in adding value to grow and Feedier is a great addition to achieve is, ultimately helping us to improve our customer satisfaction.

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Baptiste Debever

Co-Founder and Head of Growth at Feedier. French Entrepreneur, customer feedback specialist, passionate about startups and innovations.

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