How to Collect Feedback from Shopify orders


The goal of this tutorial is to collect valuable Feedback automatically for Shopify orders. Collecting insights on how to improve your business and products, but also, Engaging customers.

The feedback form platform being used is Feedier. Everything in this tutorial can be achieved on the Essentials plan (free).

Feedier is the 1st collaborative Feedback management platform that turns Feedback into action with highly-engaging forms.

We will see how to automatically and easily send a Feedier personalized email to your customer 14 days after purchasing a product on your Shopify store.

The workflow is:

  • Order is paid on Shopify
  • Wait 14 days
  • Send the email on Feedier

To do this easily with 0 code, we will use Zapier. Don’t know what Zapier is? Zapier is a free tool that lets you plug together several applications together with a β€œZap”. With a catalog of 2,000 applications, it’s the most popular one. Feedier has a native integration.
Feedier Zapier integration.

In this tutorial, we will use Zapier to connect Shopify and Feedier. We have another article if you want to learn more about Zapier and automated workflows on Feedier.

Step 1: Create a new Zap

Zaps are automated workflows in Zapier, so on your Zapier account, create a new Zap (figure 1), complete tutorial.

how to collect feedback from shopify
Figure 1

Step 2: Connect Shopify as a trigger

Then, choose “Shopify” and “New paid order” as the Trigger, then connect to your Shopify store (Figure 2)

Choose shopify
Figure 2

Change the trigger settings according to your own needs, in this case, we will push a feedback request for paid orders which are shipped already (Figure 3).

feedback request
Figure 3

Step 3: Add a 14 days delay

This is to be configured for your own use case, if the product Feedback is more valuable after 2 months, change to 60 days. You can also have several Zaps to ask several times. In the Zap editor click the plus icon (Figure 4):

Figure 4

Add a “Delay for” step, and set it up for 14 days (Figure 5):

Add delay
Figure 5

Step 4: Send the feedback email automatically

Add a new step in the Zap and type “Feedier” to find the Feedier application, the action event is “Send Email” (Figure 6).

Send email in feedier
Figure 6

You will need to connect to your Feedier account using your Private API key. In the Integrations page from the Feedier Dashboard. More details

The last part is to personalize the message dynamically from the Shopify data. This is where the beauty is ? (Figure 7)

choose feedback form
Figure 7

We also highly recommend you to pass product attributes as custom fields. They need to be comma-separated and with format field_name=value (Figure 8).

custom fields to collect feedback from shopify
Figure 8

When attached to the Feedback, you will have the ability from the Feedier platform to:

  • Get more context
  • Filter the data based on these attributes
  • Benchmark datasets (product A vs product B or country C vs country D)
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