Customer feedback analysis: How to analyze feedback

The gathering of feedback is very necessary in order to have a better understanding of the client’s journey. But is it enough to allow you to enhance the way that you run your company and the choices that you make?

It is important to conduct an analysis of the data that was gathered after the centralization of feedback. Because of that, Feedier developed a module called BX Intelligence™ that will assist you in doing an interactive and intuitive analysis of the centralized feedback you have collected or imported.

In this article, we will discuss the significance of analyzing your feedback data, as well as the efficient ways to do it.

Data analysis of the feedback can assist you in developing a deeper understanding of your clients

During the process of enhancing the overall quality experience, there are a number of steps that are involved in collecting your feedback data, all of which need to be taken into consideration.

In this article, we cover how to listen to the voice of the consumer effectively by developing the appropriate approach.

It is critical to centralize all of your data after collecting it from a variety of sources since doing so enables you to see all of your data on a single dashboard that you can interact with. Using the BX Core™ module that Feedier has built, you may accomplish this goal.

In point of fact, Feedier enables the creation of campaigns and the integration of all of your current feedback from a variety of sources.

In this manner, you will be able to use the powerful BX Intelligence™ module to do an extensive analysis of all of this data.

How to analyze effectively all your centralized feedback data

The feedback data that a company collects from its consumers or clients may give significant insights into how those customers or clients view the company, the product, or the service. Through the analysis of this data, organizations have the ability to find areas in which they may improve. Get a better understanding of the requirements and preferences of their customers, and ultimately enhance the entire customer experience.

You will be able to do an in-depth analysis of all of the feedback received with the assistance of Feedier BX intelligence™ thanks to a powerful dashboard. It will assist you in visualizing all of the data as straightforward and simple to-comprehend graphs.

Text analysis and Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Make use of text analysis to be able to recognize and examine more attentively every piece of feedback you collect, as well as to discover the topic that is mentioned most often in relation to your service.

Correlation Matrix

You will be able to connect every piece of feedback if you correlate the data with other verticals. This allows you to see the relationships between the data.

Benchmarking and live reports

Perform a comparison of all of your information and generate live reports that will enable you to compile all of your data into a single file. Have the option to choose which fields to show. Optimize the overall operations of your business by delegating each duty to a particular member of your team. Feedier gives you capability of securely sharing data with individual members of your team.


You will be able to assess better each client’s journey and discover their pain points with the assistance of integration. Likewise, you will be able to offer meaning to all of your feedback data based on your existing database, thus analysis will give more sense, and you will take advantage of your investment in these business tools.


In general, the process of evaluating feedback data may be a useful resource for businesses that want to enhance the experience of their customers and promote growth. Businesses are able to obtain significant insights into the requirements and preferences of their consumers. Identify areas in which improvements can be made, and put those changes into effect in order to better fulfill the demands of their customers.

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