How MoiChef Uses Feedier To Create Surveys That Work?

Getting a good response rate to your post-order feedback request is impossible? Who said that? Case in point, MoiChef managed to collect amazing feedback from its customers after they received their package. I have been talking to them, and I’ll share some of the findings today.

How EuroVPS Uses Feedier to Refresh Its Customer Feedback Surveys

This article has been written by Tarek Mehio, head of Business Development at EuroVPS, and community manager at GrowthMentor. He recalls his experience with Feedier, explains how it fits into their current workflow and help them create better customer feedback surveys. Without further ado, let’s dive into our article. Enjoy 😄

How uses Feedier to make sense of their user feedback

Morningscore is a new up-and-coming SEO platform hailing from Danemark. They want to bridge the gap between SEO and business so that both consultants and business owners can correctly pinpoint the real value of their SEO efforts. In this use case article, we are going to find out how they are using Feedier to make […]

How does KohPlanner use Feedier to collect feedback in the tourism industry? offers travelers advices about Thailand and recommends local business such as attractions, activity providers, events, accommodations, restaurants and other services. Besides doing that, KohPlanner creates custom promotions sites for their partners, acting as a middleman and digital partner. Created in 2017 by Santiago Blasco, founder of the Venture Capital company IGT Ventures Asia and Bazaar10X, […]