The Results Of Our Customer Success Survey 2019

Customer success and the customer experience as a whole has come into focus over the last 5 years. According to Totango, in 2018, 42% of customer success teams were around longer than 3 years. Compare that with 77% of teams less than 3 years in 2015. This is obviously good news for consumers who increasingly […]

6 Tips To Get Outstanding Customer Feedback

We hear it all the time that you need to get feedback from your customers. Yes. But how? How do you get them? The value your company places on customer feedback is what will separate you from a good or great company. “Feedback is the Breakfast of Champions” – Ken Blanchard

The Reasons Why Customer Feedback Is Important

Asking about the importance of customer feedback is like talking about toothbrush without toothpaste. Yes. Customer feedback is an important aspect of running a business that often gets overlooked. With a primary vision in focus, it is easy to stray away from aligning your product offering with what your customers truly want. Resulting in an offering […]

Feedback To Create a Customer-Centric Content Strategy

Why would you create a customer-centric content marketing strategy? We are in a customer-centric market that demands we know and serve our customers better than the competition. And while of course, every company wants to provide a product or service that serves their customers well, an Econsultancy study found that “only one in three consumers […]

How To Build a Feedback-Friendly Company

“I want to be feedback-friendly. “Ah, feedback…” “If you can’t take it, you also shouldn’t give it.” So the famous adage goes. The problem is that, if no one ever gives criticism, we won’t advance as a species. Moreover, our businesses won’t progress.

How To 10X User Adoption With Customer Feedback

Product adoption is one of the most important aspects of your customer success strategy. Yet, being responsible for the user adoption strategy is one, if not the most, toughest assignment you can have. Particularly in the SaaS world, where early users can jump from one product to another so easily and swiftly, we want to […]