How to use A/B Testing for Better Conversion and Engagement?

With the power of data in our hands, most companies are leaning towards a data-driven approach. This means that A/B testing should be the main activity that drives decision-making. What is the most popular way to test in digital marketing, and how can you use it to drive better results in your campaigns?

How to Turn Unhappy Customers Into Raving Fans

No-one likes to receive negative feedback, but like it or not, unfortunately all businesses will encounter unhappy customers from time-to-time. Whether this feedback comes from your online feedback collection system, email, a negative review, a social media post, a phone call, or it’s reported through one of your team members, negative feedback needs to be […]

Skyrocket Your Business by Collecting Customer Feedback

Customer feedback and understanding the direction you should be striving towards are two aspects of running a business that often get overlooked. With a primary vision often in focus, it is easy to stray away from aligning your product offering with what your customers truly want, often resulting in an offering with poor market fit […]

Practical guide for survey incentives

What if I could improve my survey response rate by offering an incentive? ? 100% response rate would be splendid. As a rule of thumb, anything above 10% response rates will yield meaningful data. But, what if your customers are simply not committed to provide you feedback? That’s where an survey incentive comes in. 

The Ultimate Customer Feedback Guide

Surveys are present everywhere, all around the physical and digital world. Whether you are talking about feedback survey, lead generation survey, research survey, quiz, Net Promoter Score survey, guest satisfaction survey, or any kind of survey, you have a few things to take into account when it comes to creating the survey.

How to find the most suitable feedback tool?

We all knows customers aren’t inherently excited about providing feedback. Yet, feedback is extremely valuable as it validates that the feature, service, product being carried over is providing value to the intended people. If customers don’t find value, it amounts for some precious time wasted.  Not only does focusing on the customer make sound business […]