How To Build a Feedback-Friendly Company

“I want to be feedback-friendly. “Ah, feedback…” “If you can’t take it, you also shouldn’t give it.” So the famous adage goes. The problem is that, if no one ever gives criticism, we won’t advance as a species. Moreover, our businesses won’t progress.

How To 10X User Adoption With Customer Feedback

Product adoption is one of the most important aspects of your customer success strategy. Yet, being responsible for the user adoption strategy is one, if not the most, toughest assignment you can have. Particularly in the SaaS world, where early users can jump from one product to another so easily and swiftly, we want to […]

How to use A/B Testing for Better Conversion and Engagement?

With the power of data in our hands, most companies are leaning towards a data-driven approach. This means that A/B testing should be the main activity that drives decision-making. What is the most popular way to test in digital marketing, and how can you use it to drive better results in your campaigns?

8 Steps To Turn Unhappy Customers Into Raving Fans

No-one likes to receive negative feedback, no-ones like to deal with unhappy customers, but like it or not, unfortunately, all businesses will encounter them from time-to-time. Whether this feedback comes from your online feedback collection system, email, a negative review, a social media post, a phone call, or it’s reported through one of your team […]