How To Avoid Survey Fatigue With 6 Expert Examples

Soliciting customer feedback in a variety of ways has become ubiquitous across multiple industries. The last thing you want is not getting responses, or in a better way, suffering from survey fatigue. Consumers don’t love taking surveys or providing feedback. Even so, they definitely benefit from them with more than 90% of online shoppers turning […]

7 Qualities of a Good Survey Question

You’re up for a ride? You have decided to take your customers onboard and write outstanding survey question? You’re in the right place. A survey is defined as a collection of questions asked from a given population to mathematically derive and relate the individual characteristics of the surveyed population. Each individual client has distinct requirements. […]

How To Use Customer Feedback In Compliance With GDPR

We’ve all met that person – the one who hogs the limelight, talks incessantly and blatantly disregards your answers. Here’s a secret: No one likes that person. But businesses often act in incredibly self centered ways. And then they can’t really understand why prospects and customers break the relationship and flee to greener pastures. The […]