The 9 Secrets of Stellar Customer Care on Social Media

No matter what you’re building or selling, your customers are most probably on social media. But how do you handle customer care? There are a lot of ways and opportunities for finding your first customers on any social platform with the right approach. However, with opportunities comes more responsibility. Social media enabled any business to […]

How To Ask For Customer Feedback

Why would you want to ask for customer feedback? You have delivered your best to your products and services. I also don’t doubt your in-depth knowledge, which makes you more knowledgeable about your products than anyone else. Yet, do you know this in-depth knowledge is the ultimate blind-fold that makes you inefficient to improve? Unless […]

6 Tips To Get Customer Feedback

We hear it all the time that you need to get customer feedback. Yes. But how? How do you collect feedback? The value your company places on customer feedback is what will separate you from a good or great company. “Feedback is the Breakfast of Champions” – Ken Blanchard

The Importance of Customer Feedback With Examples

Asking about the importance of customer feedback is like talking about toothbrush without toothpaste. Yes. Customer feedback is an important aspect of running a business that often gets overlooked. With a primary vision in focus, it is easy to stray away from aligning your product offering with what your customers truly want. Resulting in an offering […]