Four Strategies to Improve Customer Service

There’s nothing worse for a customer than being excited about a purchase, only to have spent their hard-earned money on a product or service that wasn’t what they were expecting.  The icing on this disappointing cake? A customer service experience that makes them feel like the business never cared about them at all, and feelings […]

9 Strategies to Improve Customer Experience

Customer experiences (CX) can make or mar your business. Bad CX can cost your brand billions and a reputation that is completely tarnished. Improved customer experience can make your business thrive. This emphasizes the growing relevance of positive and delightful customer experience for your business. Last time, when I used an organized cab service and […]

Améliorer l’Expérience Client : le cas du paiement pour le e-commerce

Sur un site e-commerce, tout doit être pensé autour de l’expérience client et l’amélioration de celle-ci, que ce soit la navigation, la politique de livraison ou encore le design de la page d’accueil. Or parmi ces nombreux éléments à optimiser, une étape est souvent négligée : celle du paiement. C’est pourtant l’une des plus importantes, […]

How To Avoid Survey Fatigue With 6 Expert Examples

Soliciting customer feedback in a variety of ways has become ubiquitous across multiple industries. The last thing you want is not getting responses, or in a better way, suffering from survey fatigue. Consumers don’t love taking surveys or providing feedback. Even so, they definitely benefit from them with more than 90% of online shoppers turning […]